domingo, 7 de maio de 2017

Taking A Massive Black Cock!

Some boys are real greedy for big black bone, and they don’t get much bigger than the 12 inch schlong appearing in this video! He gets on it for some sucking and it’s clear he needs more the way he goes to town on that thing. Can he take that massive black joystick in his ass’ You bet he can! It’s a hard fucking too!

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That Hot Black Ass Is Too Tempting

He’s a big muscle thug, but although he’s not into dude the offer of a mouth on his cock and a hot hole to fuck from his hung thug buddy is not something he can turn down. He sure does love fucking that hole too, thrusting into his bud with some force, and squirting his jerked out semen load with real force too!

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quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2017

Big Black Dick Threesome

Shorty, Brandon and Marcus are all about sharing their big black inches of fuckmeat in this awesome threesome! A duo becomes a knob-hungry trio and there’s a whole lot of rod to go around as they feast on each other. With cocks throbbing and leaking pre-cum they take aim at each others holes and fuck out some spunk!

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Cum Dripping Asses

Cum Dripping Asses cover

Twenty one year old aspiring rapper Kielo Wolfe has always thought about fucking another dude, but decided that his first time would be on film with Rocco Blue. Kielo isn’t a gay for pay guy, he is just a dude that likes men and women both. Rocco shows Kielo how to suck cock then Keilo takes his turn on Rocco’s huge 9 inch uncut cock. When is time for fucking, Kielo slams his black cock into Rocco’s raw hole until he busts his nut all over Rocco’s sweet ass. Keilo stays rock hard and does a naked rap for us.

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Twenty one year old aspiring rapper Kielo Wolfe has always thought about fucking another dude, but decided that his first time would be on film with Rocco Blue.

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The Masterpiece – Trent King & Beau Reed

Beau is an art enthusiast and he’s always looking out for exotic ground breaking pieces. Beau is the last one to leave the art exhibit as he engulfs himself with all the erotic dildos and pictures of beautiful naked men on the walls. Trent is closing up the shop when he sees that Beau is still admiring his work. Trent asks him if he has any questions about his work before he closes up. Beau is only curious if Trent is working on any new masterpieces. Lucky for Beau Trent is working on his best one yet as he pulls down his pants to reveal the work of art. Beau can’t believe the life size artistic value that lies before him. He drops to his knees and begins servicing Trent’s massive uncut cock. The thick throbbing masterpiece fills Beaus mouth up with each lick and suck. They take the action into the back room where Beau continues to blow Trent. Trent bends him over to rim his big smooth ass getting it ready for his monster cock. Trent tells Beau to prepare as he slowly pushes his uncut dick into that tight smooth ass. Beau can feel every inch pulsating as his ass clinches all around Trent’s sexy dick. Trent uses his masterpiece in many positions fucking Beau until he explodes like a fountain all over himself. That load doesn’t stop there as the two begin to jerkoff together and Beau blows another load which this time makes Trent shoot his load into Beaus awaiting mouth.

Masson Shores

Masson is in the comfort of his own home and decides to get a quick workout in. He likes to stay in shape and sometimes the gym is way too packed so working out at home is key. His body is built extremely sexy as you can watch him do squats, sit ups and some jumping jacks. You can see his big cock flop around in his underwear. Once he breaks a sweat he heads over to the shower and drops all his clothes. He begins to rub his masculine body with soap lathering up his sexy bubble butt leading up to his big cock. He soaps every inch of his beautiful physique. He leaves the shower and dries off. He goes back into the living room and starts to feel horny. He slowly tugs on his thick cock waking it up from its slumber. You can see it grow with every inch as its thickness fills his hands up. His dick is rock hard as he is mid jacking off his sexy meat. He sits down on the bench to spread his legs so you can see his big balls hanging as he pulls up and down on his cock. You can hear him building up his load as he gets closer and closer. He moans intensely as his creamy load shoots up and out dripping all over his big thick dick.

Reality Thugs

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Reality Thugs

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Interracial gay fucking at its hottest!

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